SMS SB Terminal



The Lunch fastPass robotic cashier is the only self-service terminal capable of completely replacing the cashier. It is an integrated hardware and software suite built around a neural network-based dish recognition module and payment modules for bank card, RFID card, fingerprint or facial recognition payment.

Advantages for corporate customers:

  • the self-service terminal helps cut POS costs by replacing the cashier. The costs are reduced by up to 25% during the first year and by up to 75% during the following years.
  • the robotic cashier eliminates cashier fraud and errors during customer service
  • corporate customers can have the enclosure of the Lunch fastPass self-service terminal branded with their logo
  • the self-service terminal can be integrated with iiko, r_keeper and 1С and requires no costly specialized licenses
  • the robotic cashier confers a key advantage for securing victory in bidding procedures
  • corporate customers can use our solution to monitor costs and predict profits
  • the robotic cashier can increase catering establishment traffic by improving service quality
  • the self-service terminal does not take sick leaves or ask for a raise
  • corporate customers may lease the solution using programmes of our partner banks

Advantages for visitors:

  • the self-service terminal serves customers faster than a cashier: it takes less than one second to recognize the dishes
  • the robotic cashier is always polite and in a great mood
  • the solution reduces the risk of COVID-19 infection